The Fusion Rocket of the Future

First seen asteroid from another solar system: oumuamua in depth.

I am Hans Bergman, presently cable man for Liberty Global (Vodafone-Ziggo Netherlands), and privatly writer and researcher explaining the fusion rocket of the future which came from the distant past as a memory engraved on a Maya tomb.

The development of this fusion rocket is based on paranormal (clairvoyant André Groote), archeological (image on cover plate of a Maya tomb) and scientific (S-1, S-2, Spheromak fusionmachine of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory) information. It is a virtual fusionrocket which will fly in the future when fusion technology will be more understood (and developed) by the modern scientific world and science fiction becomes science.  

My technical paper of the fusion rocket was published in Fusion Technology 1988, Proceedings of the 15th Symposium on Fusion Technology, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 19-23 September, 1988, Volume 2, A.M. Van Ingen, A. Nijsen-Vis, H.T. Klippel (editors).

Publication: "The Spheromak Fusion Machine as Propulsion in Spaceflight

Subtitle: Modification of the practical lightweight spheromak results in a fusion rocket for interplanetary spacetravel."

Published by Elsevier Science Publishers BV, copyright Hans Bergman © 1989-2016.

My paper was published under "Reactor Studies". Amazingly I noticed in the next Proceedings, the Proceedings of the 16th SOFT in 1990 in London (UK), that scientists introduced a new item "Future Machines".

Additional notes:

In the publication of 1989 you can still see my old address, but I have moved to a new address.

I have dubbed the new fusion rocket in the publication Palenkomak since the tomb is situated in Palenque. 

My discipline (diploma 1982) "Nuclear Engineering Technology": correspondence school Capitol Radio Engineering Institute, Delaware, USA.

(Published in 1979, source book only on request) According to Hopi Indian White Bear Fredericks (passed away) we are now in the fourth world.

Our people had knowledge which can be compared with people from Atlantis, but they used it for good purposes. We discovered the secrets of nature, the power of the creator in the living things. They did not defend themselves when they were attacked. And they were right!

When you think this is strange then look what the Hopi do today.

The United States of America gave us a reservation. Imagine, how can they give something which already belonged to us? Then they came and cut peaces away. They made it smaller and smaller. Our land! But we did not defend ourselves with violence.

Every time when the government is doing such a thing, we say: "That is not right", as our creator demanded from us. We know we will not be destroyed, it will happen to them first.

So the Hopi experienced three technical civilizations.  They have a timeline what will happen in a technical civilization called Dangave. Akhima who is not Hopi however wil explain the drawing of a rock inscription called Dangave.

Personally I think, after hearing the discussion between Ahkima and Fieldworker Ron Slusher Sr. in this video, that the timeline contains the first vibration as the discovery of the nuclear bomb, the second vibration will be the discovery of a new bomb still unknown to us and the third and last vibration comes from above.

The earthshakings are not wars, but they are discoveries of two bombs. The first is the discovery of the atomic bomb, the second bomb lies in the future, since the Dutch clairvoyant André Groote said to me they will discover new particles, the smallest particles that exist, calling them futurons. The third earthshaking comes from above, which means from space. These earthshakings will be part of a any technologically developing advanced civilization on this planet in our Solar System. Therefore the Hopi Elders were warning not to use the gurdle of ashes as they remembered it from earlier civilizations, when the US government used the atomic bomb.

IMO the planet near the reed is Mars or Earth and the cross means a space station with 4 tubes while  all the tubes can turn to one side changing the space station into a movable space station, so that they could move people from Mars to Earth. I also found such a Space Station on a rockpainting in the Sahara.

André Groote: "About 50 years from now (now is 2004-2005) they will discover this new element. The principle has to do with a neutronbomb, first an implosion, than that unknown element is made and than an explosion will follow. This bomb could fit in the shape of a walnut."

Before I studied the fusion rocket on the tomb I asked permission in my mind if I could proceed since I only want to be involved in positive technology. I dreamt about a North American Indian with Indian feathers who offered me a peace pipe and I smoked the peace pipe and handed it back to him. For me this was the approval I needed to proceed with the technology of the fusion rocket.

I found out in 1975 that the space cabin existed out of a two layered cabin wall and a double wall. It could be that it was for protection of collisions of small particles, but also for fuel storage.

For instance airplanes store fuel in their wings, why not in the outer space cabine wall. Then there was engineer Lazlo Toth (born 1945) from Hungary who proposed to reduce Pacal as the posing astronaut in his chair.

So I compared the space cabin of Pacal with the space cabin of astronauts in the Apollo cabin. I found out that the cables (leading to a handle) of both chairs could be identified. The actual handle probably is in his hand, because I can't see the handle, but I can see the cable connected to the handle. 

Even the extension at the bottom end of the chair is identical with an ellips shaped connection? in it. Both Pacal and the Apollo astronaut turn a knob. In front of the nose of Pacal we see an airsupply. The airsupply in the apollo cabine can be seen at the top right.

In space the knees and elbows tend to bent and the head is bigger since there is no gravity to pull the blood downward.

So lets start the research shall we?

This is the poster I sold during the poster session containing the male Nakwats greeting symbol of the Hopi Indians since the Hopi Indian White Bear Fredericks thinks that Palatkwapi (Red City according to his grandmother) probably was Palenque. The Parrot clan founded the city (perhaps thats why there is a bird on top of the fusionrocket):

Since fusion machines in spaceflight should be lightweight and small we should look for next generation Spheromak S-1 fusion machines, like the MRX and especially for the future the Palenkomak for a faster transport of passengers and goods in our solar system.

Some background information about the discovery of the tomb: National Geographic Live! - Palenque and the Ancient Maya World.

In this video archeologist professor David Stuart says that "it is not true that Pacal is falling into the underworld, he is rising in the east as the new born son, as the new born maize god."

So it is a mixture of the royal funeral of Pacal ascending in a spacecraft expressing a space message. The problem here is which glyphs are concerned with the funeral and life of Pacal and which are concerned with the distant memory of the fusionrocket and past situation of the solar system. His son and grandsons must have lost the space message as a technology, since they put the rocket out of proportion and put it in their temples.

However by creating the Tree of Life in their temples, the son and grandsons of Pacal do acknowledge the memory of bringing seed from Mars to Earth. (The Tree of Life can also be found on seals of the Soemerians and we can find a lot of standing space rockets on Soemerian seals.)

If we change the word underworld into the word space perhaps things will be more clear to us, so only in this case if something comes from the underworld it actually comes from space. So if the Tree of Life comes from the underworld it comes from space.

The drawing on  the slab is the original design of a fusion rocket level A. I would call derivations of original drawings level B what happenend in the Temple of the Cross. When it becomes  level C the original drawing is lost and becomes art. However if you find and recognize a B drawing there must be an A drawing somewhere.

I say Pacal's ascension just happens in a fusion rocket! A great way to go!

How is this possible? There are two possibilities I can think about:

  • It was given in a vision
  • It was a distant memory of a spacecraft used in the space migration from Mars to Earth including the planting of new seed on Earth


I have some experience with both possibilities. I have back-engineered the fusion rocket in my paper and in a vision I also have seen the fusion rocket fly and I can say the numerous plasma exhaust flames are perfectly conical in shape with here and there an outlier, nothing like the exhaust flame of chemical rockets.

While knowadays students begin to appreciate multidisciplinary research I was already doing that in 1988. I checked my idea of mixed exhaust with spaceflight professor Harry O. Ruppe (who worked in the Apollo program) and a clairvoyant André Groote described the inner workings of the plasma ball in the fusion machine and he saw magnets in the bow of the rocket.

Clairvoyant André Groote saw in the plasma "opposite rotating (elliptically shaped) electron currents will create opposite magnetic momentums. The number of revolutions of the elliptically shaped electron currents determine the final stability of the plasma." (see publication). He added even before 1988 that "Scientists must work in the width, because untill now they have only worked in the height."

 (remark: they have applied it in the current MRX where two small plasma donuts are pushed sidewards towards eachother by two modified S-2 machines in one configuration).

I was thinking out of the box because without the explanation of the inner plasma I only would have made a statue.

Why are there no external heating apparatus to heat the plasma?

The answer is that the opposite elliptical electroncurrents cause friction or heat inside the plasmaball! 

Changing 1988 publication into the update 2012 by Hans Bergman concerning the image of the fusionrocket concerning the plasma on the stone slab:

In the beginning of my research in 1982 I worked with drawings of the fusionrocket and I assumed that the object in the plasma with the crescent cross-section (in the shape of a thick scale) was a "limiter". I had to use current available technolgy so I published it in 1988. In the mean time I have progressed with new plasma discoveries.
According to the earlier understanding images of the plate (my first impression was that the crescent in the plasma was a limiter with the knowledge that was available and in my progressing opinion it could be a crescent hole in the plasma, an empty region instead of a thick scale in the plasma. A special region in the shape of a scale, more dense or empty, but a special region.
The drawing of the fusionrocket remains the same. however the limiter could be changed into a less dense or a more dense region in the plasma.

The idea of a special region in the plasma came in 13-4-2012, when I realized that we learned from clairvoyant André Groote that there are opposite elliptically shaped electron currents (according to the Yin Yang-principle creating balancing opposite momentums) so we allready know the final result of the opposite ellipsshaped electroncurrents in the plasma, creating heat by friction, but the scientist from Atlantis assumes that we don't know.

So it could very well be possible that he or she (the engineer from Atlantis) wanted to give us a clue by creating a specific region in the shape of a cresent in the plasma, which could belong to a special computersimulation of the plasma belonging to the fusionrocket configuration of the predicted opposite elliptically shaped electroncurrents which according to the right number of revolutions will cause the appropriate opposite magnetic momentums to confine the plasma in perfect balance (according to the Yin-Yang principle which according to Andre Groote can also be seen in the spirals of stars of our Milky Way system).

In 2015 PPPL discovered something inside the MRX plasma which they said was a region with the shape of a saddle. This saddle shape however appears in a configuration of  two donut plasmas coming together and not our configuration of a donut turning into a ball shape actually done for the stability.

I think that the plasmaball is better for the stability since the created heat and pressure will have an effect. In an unstable plasma like a donut it will not have an effect. Stabillity of the plasma is the key as I told the scientists at the conference in 1988. Even our sun which is a natural fusion reactor has the shape of a ball I said, only in the fusionrocket we create a small ball shaped plasma which heats itself and is stable.   

I think that the electromagnets in the bow of the rocket were used to create a magnetic shield around the spacecraft protecting the astronaut, the magnetic fieldlines transport the incoming particles from the solarwind around the spacecraft creating a layer of particles.

I  was curious about the symbols connected to the name of Pacal occasionally connecting it to the solar wind or a possible sunstorm. So I looked on the Internet and found this symbol:

K'inich Chimal Pa Ka La

Please read from left above downwards and than right above downwards K'inich Chimal - Pa Ka L(a) : Sun faced Shield - PaKal

The first glyph looks IMO like a solar wind, the second glyph looks like a cross meaning oppose or against and the third glyph is a shield.

It is obvious that Pacal's name was connected to a shield. However his real name is K'inich Janaab Pakal.

I am not a glyph expert and don't know if Wikipedia is correct, but I see three glyphs which seem the same in both K'inich Chimal - Pa Ka L(a) (internet) and supposedly named as K'inich Janaab Pakal (Wikipedia).

So Pacal's shield faced the solarwind... or Pacal was protected from the solar wind by a magnetic shield. The solar wind glyph looks like a small symbolic magnetosphere representing the solar wind (source picture  K'inich Janaab Pakal Wikipedia).

I don't say that Pacal was an astronaut, but he certainly had found knowledge about spacecraft perhaps from a vision or a distant memory of a spacecraft fleeing from Mars to Earth planting new seed on Earth.

Picture from Wikepedia

Our astronauts are still unprotected from the solar wind and violent solar outbursts during the end of the 11th year cycle of sunspots.  Also the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers made a remark in his Ontdek de Ruimte - met André Kuipers (NTR) that people are not protected against radiation in space.

Clairvoyant André Groote saw that the atmosphere of Mars in the distant past was sucked away by the passing of an asteroid at close range. This threat came from outside and he sees that the atmosphere was gone at once. They knew in advance that the asteroids where coming and accordingly they fled from Mars to Earth.  

Prediction of clairvoyant André Groote made on 01-04-2007:

Between 2025 and 2032 a group of asteroids will appear.

A number of years before the different groups of asteroids (really giants) will appear they will cause unexplainable floodwaves with no sign of an earthquake (in China), because of the gravity of the cosmic storms per timezone.

So the influence comes from outside.

Many years ago these dangerous giant asteroids passed by and every 3500 or 35000 years they return like a zig-zag movement in a circle.

Alaska could be hit by such asteroid. Or Africa in between the Sahara and the Niger. In the triangle Algeria, Mali and Niger they hardly can be stopped because of their abnormal orbit.

The rithm is a scheme of impacts with every week one or two asteroids per timezone.

This seven weeks long and one a week, so I call it “The Weekly Impact”.

Glen Wurden says at a TEDxLANL event July 29, 2015 about a cold fast approaching comet that we can only see a comet if it is warming up. It doesn't warm up untill it is at Saturn or may be Jupiter distances. So we cannot see a 1 km object until it gets warm. We have 6 till 18 months warning time...

What about the current state of fusion? And why do they not follow my "stability first" principle that is from "donut" to "ball" shaped plasma?

It is really true. You have a university level publication. The book ends up in a University library and nobody looks at it again. Thats why I publish it on the internet! 

A New Vision for Fusion Energy Research: Fusion Rockets for Planetary Defense by G. A. Wurden, et. al., for the Journal of Fusion Energy, LA-UR-15-2319 Ver2, May 2015.

This article from PPPL from the current chief Yamada, MRX, PPPL goes about the offspring from the Spheromak research leading towards the MRX research.

Personal situation:

I am looking for a publisher. I also would like to work in the archeological field concerning ancient library discs with Atlantis movies hidden in China.

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